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Boost Your Admissions: How to Engage Gen Z

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Watch on Demand

Why should you attend?

Gen Z could be the most elusive generation to engage with. Just when you understand the newest trend, it's already outdated. Learn how you can increase your admissions before your neighboring university beats you to it.

This webinar will cover:
  • How to market towards Gen Z.
  • Scaling your marketing efforts with a team of 2.
  • Digital First ≠ Digital Only.

Meet Logan West

Nestled away in his New York City apartment, Logan is adding oil to an already fine-tuned funnel. As he completes yet another digital marketing masterpiece, he ponders on the past roles that got him here. From his early work in graphic design to Assistant Director of Marketing at Fordham University to an Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Logan finds himself once again crafting messages for college-bound students. On September 28th, he will share exactly how he produces his messages.

Learn from industry experts

Join us for a discussion and Q&A about how they’ve created winning strategies at their companies.

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Logan West

Manager, Digital Marketing & Strategy

The School of the New York Times & Sotheby's Institute of Art

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Michael Davis

Digital Marketing Specialist (Webinar Moderator)



Jason Czeskleba 

Higher Education