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Upgrade Your Admissions: Ignite Student Engagement with Innovative Personalization

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Get My Campus Experience at NO COST

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The perfect campus experience starts with the student

My Campus Experience starts with the interests of the student. After a student builds their profile, they are shown a personalized dashboard of campus life that relates to their interests. Here are some of the benefits...

➡️ Strategic Enrollment: My Campus Experience crafts compelling, personalized experiences that attract prospective students and retain admitted ones. It's an essential tool in your enrollment strategy.

➡️ Reduce Student Melt: Strengthen emotional connections with admitted students, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment from the beginning. This connection, complemented by a personalized roadmap of the academic and extracurricular opportunities awaiting them on campus, keeps students engaged, excited, and enrolled.

➡️ Personalized Student Onboarding: Provide unprecedented personalized onboarding for every prospective student, distinguishing your institution in a crowded field.

➡️ Integrated Features: My Campus Experience's seamless integration with Concept3D's virtual tours, maps, and event calendars gives an immersive and engaging preview of life at your institution.


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Showcase their future student life

Empower students to connect with peers and school staff through meaningful events in groups tailored to their interests, fostering a sense of belonging right from their first week on campus.

Create a sense of belonging on campus

Connect students with extracurricular groups that align with their passions or recommend events that dovetail with their academic ambitions to foster life-long friendships with like-minded students.  


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