Localist Events plays well with others

Switching to Localist Events doesn't mean starting over. Localist Events seamlessly integrates with the software and services you already use, including popular CRMs, marketing automation platforms, space management, Zoom video conferencing and much more.

Out of the box integrations

Localist Events integrations

Video Conferencing

Promote your virtual event and connect with your community via video.

Integrations for video conferencing


Promote and share your event listings within pages on your existing CMS and partner websites.

Integrations for CMS

Marketing and Analytics

Review post-event sentiment to inform future event strategies and targeting.

Integrations for marketing and analytics

Single Sign-On

Integrate with the authentication system you already use, or opt to use a social media platform (we support both options).

Integrations for single sign-on

Calendar Management

Import events from your existing calendar, eliminating duplicate work and reducing admin confusion.

Integrations for calendar management

Social Automation

Maximize your social media presence with built-in scheduling, automation and tracking tools.

Integrations for social automation


Track RSVPs, process payments and import feeds without leaving Localist Events.

Integrations for ticketing systems

Event Content

Enhance your landing pages with custom maps, local event content and full custom export support from your publishing software.

Integrations for event content

Localist Events API

Our list of integrations is always growing. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, our API can step in to create a custom solution.

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