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How to Improve Inclusivity in the Admissions Marketing Process

Tuesday, Dec 13th @ 10am PT/ 1pm ET


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Why should you attend?

Admissions marketers have a responsibility to make campus information as accessible as possible for prospective students. And the information they need, and how they need it portrayed, differs from person to person. 

In this roundtable discussion attendees will learn tangible strategies and tactics from Higher Ed DEI experts to be more inclusive in their recruitment and enrollment marketing strategies.

What will we cover?

  • Creating equitable engagement points in chats, virtual tours, multi-language websites, accessible websites, and virtual events
  • Understanding the differing needs of students from diverse backgrounds
  • Creating a sense of community and belonging

Learn from our experts

Join us for a discussion and roundtable on improving inclusivity in your admissions marketing endeavor.

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson

CEO - Team Trust Production

Vielka Hoy

Vielka Hoy

CEO & Founder - Bridge to College

Dustin Ramsdell

Dustin Ramsdell

Community Engagement Lead - Pathify